Pooling Account

Handle your customers’ funds smoothly and securely

Receive, hold and pay out your customers’ funds by integrating our API-based Pooling Account directly with your application’s frontend. Our white-label solution uses German IBANs to enable the automated and compliant processing of your customers payments at scale.

Customize your offering

Our APIs disappear behind your frontend, allowing you to customize the customer journey to match your look and feel. Your users’ payment requests are executed in near real time via transparent API calls.

Key Features

API-based account structure that integrates seamlessly with your user interface.
Regulatory compliant processing of your users’ funds
Virtual or full IBANs allow you to easily map all incoming payments.
Lean and efficient customer onboarding processes with our integrated video-KYC.
This is what your frontend could look like
Used by partners such as
  • Trade Republic

How it works

How it works

Your benefits

Full functionality

Depending on your needs, our solution supports SEPA Credit transfers, SEPA Direct Debits and SWIFT for overseas transactions. You may also choose to assign either full IBANs or virtual IBANs to your users.


Reduce your compliance risks and costs by working with us as your fully licensed banking partner.

Easy onboarding

Our solution comes with a fully digital identification process for both businesses and individuals compliant with European Know-Your-Customer and AML regulation.

Seamless integration

Our well documented APIs enable you to tightly couple your customer facing logic with our payment infrastructure.

Interested in upcoming features?

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