Settlement Account

Build your own payment service with Solarisbank

As your licensed banking partner, Solarisbank enables you to build your own payment services on our account infrastructure. You can focus on your core business while our Payment APIs handle the PSD2 compliant processing of your customers' payments.

Your users. Your brand.

Our APIs disappear behind your frontend allowing you to customize the customer journey to match your look and feel. Your customers' payment requests are executed in near real time via transparent API calls.

Our Settlement Account

Your situation

You are a marketplace, a payment facilitator or any other business that wants to orchestrate the holding and transfer of third party funds.

  • You already have your own license
  • You require a full license umbrella

Our solution

We provide you with an API-accessible settlement account enabling you to offer scalable and fully digital services.

  • We provide a state of-the-art account infrastructure for automatic settlement
  • Our license umbrella ensures the PSD2 compliant handling of your users' funds

How it works


All the third-party funds from multiple payment methods and service providers you have integrated are aggregated seamlessly and channelled to a single settlement account, enabling you to configure your payment frontend flexibly.


The API gives you full transparency and control of all incoming and outgoing payments on the settlement account. Our flexible infrastructure lets you forward a single transaction to multiple payees and conversely multiple transactions to a single payee. Using our virtual IBANs, you can also fully automate your reconciliation process.


Outgoing payments are wired to your payees via Sepa Credit Transfers. The Settlement process can also be configured to automatically wire any fees you collect from your customers directly to your own bank account.

Ready for your business model

PSPs & Acquirers

Our modern APIs enable you to provide your payment service cost efficiently and digitally from end to end.

Payment Facilitators

Benefit from our regulatory license umbrella to enable the compliant processing and facilitation of your customers' payments.

Your benefits


Our highly standardized yet versatile APIs adapt to your use case.

Mix and Match

Seamlessly combine our Payment APIs with other Solarisbank services such as our digital KYC Platform.


Reduce compliance risk and costs by working with us as your licensed banking partner.

Interested in upcoming features?

Start building your own payment service