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Why do I need to identify and how does this process work?

To ensure that your data has not been misused for the loan application, you must identify yourself. Currently, you can identify yourself through a videoident process, from home or mobile. A video connection will be established between you and the videoident vendor to check your ID card/passport.

How does solarisBank protect my customer data?

As a licensed bank, solarisBank is subject to data protection policies as per the preset regulations. Due to that, it operates with secured servers and encrypted Internet connections. Only solarisBank employees have access to the customer data to the necessary extent required to perform the services mentioned in the loan contract.

Will I receive unsolicited e-mails from solarisBank?

SolarisBank will not send you e-mails to sell you further products. Should regulatory demands require you to be contacted outside the loan application process, we will, however, make use of this.

Who grants the loan?

The loan is granted by solarisBank, based in Berlin and fully licensed by the German Federal Financial Authority (BaFin) as the loan contract is between the customer and solarisBank.

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solarisBank customer support team
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