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Why do I need to identify and how does this process work?

To ensure that your data has not been misused for the loan application, you must identify yourself. Currently, you can identify yourself through a videoident process, from home or mobile. A video connection will be established between you and the videoident vendor to check your ID card/passport.

How long does the identification process take?

The videoident process is completely digital and it’s done usually in a maximum of 10 minutes.

What do I need to do the videoident?

You need a stable internet connection, a valid ID document and a smartphone, tablet or computer with webcam.

My ID document is not accepted by IDnow. Are there other opportunities to identify?

Alternatively, we offer the PostIdent via Deutsche Post. For this, please use the PostIdent coupon which we have sent you by e-mail.

Can I also identify personally in a branch of solarisBank?

solarisBank is a purely digital bank. Hence, we do not have any branches. Identification can only be done via the videoident or the PostIdent procedure.

Why did the identification fail?

Maybe your internet connection is not stable enough. Please also ensure good lighting conditions. Even a bad camera resolution can lead to an aborted identification as not all security features of your ID document can be detected and documented.

Is the videoident process secure?

The videoident process always meets the highest technical security standards and the data is subject to applicable privacy policies.

What is it a identification / legitimation?

For new customers, the law requires a unique identity verification (legitimacy). These are carried out by our service provider IDnow. Identification via the IDnow service is therefore usually essential for the use of our banking service.

How does the identification (legitimation) process work?

In order to identify our customers, we use IDnow as a service provider for identification processes. The customer needs internet access, a computer with webcam or smartphone or tablet and a valid identification document. The identification takes place via a live video connection to an IDnow agent. Experience has shown that the customer needs a stable internet connection. It is therefore possible that an identification, which does not take place from the WLAN network fails. Then, the process is aborted.

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