Offer debit cards in your own branding

Our Cards API empowers you to offer debit cards to your customers in your own design. As a licensed banking partner, we enable any business to offer VISA or Mastercard debit cards, be it for retail or business banking customers.

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Your Card. Your Design.

Our customizable Visa or Mastercard debit card is equipped with modern features and can be used anywhere from cashier terminals, to E-commerce shops to ATMs across the world.

Give your customers maximum freedom with Google Pay

Our white label cards are integrated with Google Pay, enabling your customers to pay using their Android devices at any contactless point of sale. Be it in-store, online or directly in-app – a tap of a finger and the payment is complete. Easy, fast and secure – Google Pay takes the payment experience to a new level.

Enabling your use case

Retail Banking Cards

Enrich your customers' banking experience with your own branded debit cards linked to our digital bank accounts. Everytime your customer makes a payment they will engage with your brand.

Business banking cards

A business bank account is not complete without a handy debit card. With our business banking cards you can enable your clients to effortlessly manage their spending.

Whatever your use case is, our Cards API adapts to your situation. Both our retail and business banking cards are fully equipped with modern features.

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Your benefits

Modern features

Our contactless card comes with push notifications, custom limits and 3D Secure with two factor authentication.

Full ownership

With Solarisbank you keep full control over your customer relationship as well as your end customer pricing.

Peace of mind

We ensure the secure and compliant settlement of your customers' card payments, so that you can focus on your core business.

New revenue streams

With our issuing model you earn part of the interchange fee for every card payment your customer makes.

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Our API - elegant and easy to integrate

Create a card

Create debit cards for your retail, freelance and business customers by providing just the cardholder’s name and a customer-defined PIN.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /persons/:person_id/accounts/:account_id/cards
Block and unblock a card

Give your customers the full control by enabling them to block and unblock their card themselves and set their card limits individually.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /cards/:card_id/block
POST /cards/:card_id/unblock
Change a card PIN

Enable your customers to change their card PIN on the go and give them safe and ready access to their money anytime, anywhere.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /cards/:card_id/change_pin
Close a card

When a card is lost or stolen, your customers can simply close their card in-app and protect themselves against fraud.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /cards/:card_id/close
Retrieve card details

Retrieve details like the expiration date, type, status, and the associated cardholder information with just one API call.

Sample endpoints of our API
GET /cards/:card_id

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