KYC Platform

The easiest way to identify your customers

Boost your conversion rates by integrating your sign-up flow with our fully digital Know-Your-Customer Platform, all while staying compliant with EU anti-money laundering laws.

Everything you need in a single API

Our KYC Platform provides you with a multitude of digital identification service components that can be adapted for your organization’s needs. No matter whether you are identifying business or retail customers, our white-label solution integrates smoothly into any web application via API.

Enabling your use case

Business KYC

With our Business KYC solution you accelerate the identification process of your customers, reducing the onboarding time to under 48 hours. In addition, our white-label approach ensures that you keep your look and feel.

Retail KYC

Choose from multiple providers on our platform for optimized digital and in-person identifications. With Solarisbank, you can identify a natural person with only three API calls, allowing you to speed up your onboarding flow significantly.

Whatever your business case may be, together with Solarisbank you can integrate just those KYC services that you need to enable your digital identification process.

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Business KYC partners
  • Otto
  • Penta
  • auxmoney
Retail KYC partners
  • American Express
  • smava
  • Tomorrow

Hear what our partners have to say

What we value most about Solarisbank is the unique combination of technological expertise coupled with a full banking license. These qualities were paramount in enabling us to jointly set up and implement this project for Otto extremely quickly, while at the same time ensuring legal conformity.
Detlef Zell
Detlef Zell

Managing Director Hanseatic Bank

Your benefits


Paper-free, fast, and automated. With Solarisbank's KYC you can sign up customers in minutes.

Experienced partner

As a licensed banking institution, Solarisbank understands the pain points of the KYC process from both a commercial and a regulatory perspective.


Our RESTful API is built to scale and provides easy access to multiple trusted identification providers.

Peace of Mind

Our KYC Platform is fully compliant with anti-money laundering laws and can be adapted specifically to your compliance requirements.

Our API - elegant and easy to integrate

Online & offline KYC

Slash the onboarding time significantly by giving your customers the option to identify via video chat on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /persons
POST /persons/:person_id/identifications

Ensure the security of your products with our digital screening process that provides full compliance with EU anti-money laundering laws.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /check
GET /hits/:check_id

Give your customers the flexibility to sign electronically from anywhere in the world.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /persons/:person_id/signings 
GET /persons/:person_id/signings/signings_id

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