Our Solution: The Pooling Account

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Your Situation

You require an all-in-one, fully digital solution to handle your customers’ fiat currency in order to operate and scale up your crypto exchange or marketplace in a secure and trustworthy way.

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Our Solution

Via API we connect your service to a pooling account on which your customers’ fiat funds can be received, held and processed securely and automatically with virtual IBANs. As a fully licensed banking platform we take on the regulatory duties of handling your customers funds and identifying your customers so that you can focus your core business.

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Your Benefits

Peace of Mind: solarisBank is an experienced and fully licensed banking partner
Easy Onboarding: Our fully digital KYC process allows user friendly video- identification compliant with EU AML and KYC requirements
Seamless Integration: Our APIs enable you to tightly couple your customer facing logics with the dependent liquidity management.

How does it work?


1. KYC

Your customer identifies themselves comfortably via video-identification.

Your customers

2. Pay-In

Your customer pays into the solarisBank Pooling account with a virtual IBAN through your customer facing front end.

solarisBank Pooling Account

3. Trade

Once your customer initiates a trade, funds are transferred instantly to a trading account via API

solarisBank Trading Account

4. Exchange

From the trading account, funds are balanced with a trusted exchange to allow trades in crypto currencies.

Trusted crypto exchange
  • Dr. Ulli SpankowskiCEO Sowa Labs GmbH

    To bring our crypto trading app BISON to the mass market, we needed a licensed banking partner that understood both the technicalities of our crypto service and the traditional fiat world. With its understanding of innovative business models and modern APIs, the blockchain factory was the natural partner for us to realize our vision of fast and secure crypto trading for everyone.

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