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Virtual IBAN

Multiple currencies. One API.

With our virtual IBANs you can receive Euros through SEPA and Pound Sterling through UK payment schemes on a pooling account. With your master IBAN, you have full transparency over the pooling account and can expose bookings and make payout requests via API call.

Our virtual IBAN technology

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Your Situation

Any payment facilitator making international B2B transfers, e.g. from e-commerce purchases in the EU to merchants abroad, face high costs and multiple hurdles. These can include transactional and foreign exchange fees as well as cumbersome regulation.

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Our Solution

When your client sells something online, the payment is transferred via their unique virtual IBAN to a solarisBank pooling account. The funds are then bundled and transferred regularly in large sums to you.

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Your Benefits

Cost-effective: Bundling payments allows you to save on transaction costs and foreign exchange fees
Customer-Centric: Save your clients the burden of setting up and maintaining a European Bank account
Modern: Our APIs enable the smooth onboarding of our fully digital payment solution

How it works

Via the virtual IBAN, your international customers’ e-commerce earnings are collected in a solarisBank pooling account and sent in bulk to your foreign account, from where the funds are distributed to your customers.

Our Features

  • Get real-time information about account balance and list bookings for the given account via API

    Example API Endpoints

    GET /accounts/:id
    GET /accounts/:account_id/bookings
  • Map the recipient account that receives the payout with the solarisBank collection account to enable a fully digital end-to-end service for your customers.

    Example API Endpoints

    GET /accounts/:account_id/mappings
  • Send payout requests and get details on a triggered payout via simple API calls.

    Example API Endpoints

    POST /accounts/:account_id/swift_payout
    GET /accounts/:account_id/swift_payout/:payout_id/details

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